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PMP is a non-profit that provides services to adults with developmental disabilities in the Atlanta area through a combination of government funding and private donations. The generosity of our donors empowers us to go beyond what can be accomplished with government funding alone and strive to provide a truly excellent experience for the people we serve. This leads to value beyond the lives of these individuals, and benefits for local businesses and the community in general. We believe this combination of effects is well worth your investment.

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What Your Donation Can Do

  • Supported Employment

    Your donation will help people with developmental disabilities find jobs, and receive the individualized ongoing support, skills training, and onsite coaching needed to succeed in a position for the long term.
    In 1996 a new Hotel was opening in midtown Atlanta. PMP approached hotel management with a proposal to staff the dish room with persons with disabilities. The concept of supported employment was explained to the management team with the understanding that a PMP job coach would support the utility crew throughout their shifts in the dish room.

    Despite some misgivings especially considering that the entire complex would be undergoing the inevitable start up problems of any business, management gave PMP a chance and hired several persons with developmental disabilities as employees. The Hotel had its Grand Opening early the next year with the PMP utility crew manning the dish room. All these years later it is a relationship that works.

    The People Making Progress consumers, who are supported by hotel management and co-workers alike, keep the dish room functioning and are an integral part of the operation and culture that provides Five Star Service to visitors to Atlanta.

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  • Community Living Support

    Your donation will help fund wider access to activities, classes, and trainings that are of interest to each individual. Whether competing in athletic events, or learning topics such as sign language, nutrition, and music, donations make it possible to do more.
    After Mark finished high school, he and his Dad were inseparable; their whole world revolving solely around each other. Then Mark’s Dad died and Mark was lost. Mark’s siblings approached our founder Dorothy Miller to see if perhaps PMP could help fill some of the void in Mark’s life. Each sibling would have happily taken Mark into their home to live, but was that what was best for Mark? They had heard of Dorothy Miller and her vision of community living for persons with developmental disabilities. Could Mark be part of that vision?

    Mark, his siblings and Dorothy put their heads together and within six months Mark had purchased his own condominium, was living on his own with individualized support, and had begun to form his own circle of friends. On the day Mark took the key and opened his own front door he said “I wish Dad could see me now.”

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  • Community Access

    Your donation will help people with developmental disabilities participate in and contribute to their local community. PMP participants provide thousands of hours of volunteer service to Atlanta-area nonprofits annually, and been recognized with awards both locally and nationally.
    People Making Progress had helped Jennifer secure a job before she graduated from high school. Unfortunately, due to the economy and her increasing medical needs, Jennifer was no longer able to retain employment. Jennifer and her family began exploring options.

    Jennifer said that she wanted to spend time with her friends doing fun things such as going out to eat or to the movies. Jennifer’s parents did not want her to sit at home, continue to struggle and face disappointment with not finding a job or to lose her work skills.

    In 2004, Jennifer joined her friends and PMP in designing a community support program. PMP consumers have fun exploring their community and maintain job skills by providing much needed regular weekly volunteer service to other non-profits. In 2010, PMP was named the Civic Group of the Year by the Atlanta Community Food Bank and received the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

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  • Employee Retention

    Your donation will help people with developmental disabilities maintain long term relationships with the people they like, by helping us compensate employees fairly and provide jobs that can grow with them over a lifetime of work.
    Great employees are the heart of any organization, and turnover is a problem for all nonprofits. Many of our employees have worked with us for years, allowing relationships to flourish between them and the people we serve.

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