People Making Progress Welcomes You!
We provide quality services so that adults with developmental disabilities may work, live and thrive in the community to their fullest potential.
Supported Employment services provide support to individuals that enables them to work in their communities. Here's a story we'd like to share. In 1996 a new Hotel was opening in midtown Atlanta. PMP approached hotel management with a proposal to staff the entire dish..... read more
Community Support Services provide opportunities for individuals to learn about and participate in their communities. Here's an example. People Making Progress had helped Jennifer secure a job before she graduated from high school. Unfortunately, due to the economy and her increasing medical needs, Jennifer was no longer able to retain employment.... read more
Supported Living services are provided to individuals in their own homes. Here's a story we'd like to share. After Mark finished high school, he and his Dad were inseparable; their whole world revolving solely around each other. Then Mark's Dad died and Mark was lost. Mark's siblings.... read more