Supported Living
Supported Living services are provided to individuals in their own homes.  The supports are individualized based on the needs and desires of the person.  We teach the skills needed for consumers to live as independently as possible safely.  This support can range from assistance with personal care to grocery shopping to participating in the consumer’s neighborhood association.  We help them to live the life that they have dreamed. 

After Mark finished high school, he and his Dad were inseparable; their whole world revolving solely around each other.  Then Mark’s Dad died and Mark was lost. Mark ’s siblings approached our founder Dorothy Miller to see if perhaps PMP could help fill some of the void in Mark’s life.  Each sibling would have happily taken Mark into their home to live, but was that what was best for Mark? They had heard of Dorothy Miller and her vision of community living for persons with developmental disabilities. Could Mark be part of that vision? Mark, his siblings and Dorothy put their heads together and within six months Mark had purchased his own condominium, was living on his own with individualized support, and had begun to form his own circle of friends.  On the day Mark took the key and opened his own front door he said “I wish Dad could see me now.”